“Tiny droplets of sweat and tears make the finest fabrics of India. Open your inner eyes and see” – Anonymous

The art of ornamenting handloom fabrics in India is an age-old traditional technique.It is highly traditional and labour intensive.The handloom industry,though being the largest unorganized economic activity in India,next to agriculture,does not receive the recognition it deserves.Weaving is a very intricate craft work which takes years of experience to be perfected.

It is sad to note that the status of handloom weavers seems to be caught up between riches and rags.The beautiful designs that are woven are in contrast to the living conditions of the one who produces it.With little to no profit,it is a sad reality that the industry is entering its dark days.

For many weavers,weaving is not a profession.It is a worshiped art work which they have preserved for generations.Yet,it is a bitter truth that a good profit is required to run any business which is found to be quite less in this industry.This is one of the ground reasons for the downfall of the industry.

Due to lack of profit and recognition the handloom machines which once worked prominently,sits alone with cobwebs and dust lingering on them.The owners migrate to work in better conditions and to other industries where work is more rewarding.

“We can’t take this any longer. But still, I love my weaving work more than anything else in the world. It is not just a profession, but a passion for me”, one of the handloom weavers in Karnataka gushes.His family members nod their heads in unison.

On the other end of the spectrum,the handloom industry has its benefits.The environmental perils do not exist here as there is less wastage of raw material and the dyes used are natural.The quality of the clothes are superior and its a given that the clothes would last for a lifetime without much damage.The feel and comfort pure handloom provides can never be compared to other materials.The effort taken by the weavers can be felt in each and every interlaced yarn.

In the run towards westernization,stopping and looking back to where we come from is very vital.Thanks to many NGOs and private firms like UD&F, the handloom industry is on the revival path today.With several branches sprawled across the nation and many e-commerce portals and online stores promote traditional Khaddar fabric,the industry would soon revive from ruins.However there is still a long way to go.

The plain conventional designs of the fabric are a matter of concern for many citizens.This issue is resolved with the arrival of companies like UD&F who have revolutionized the entire look and feel of the fabrics.Hundreds of young and dedicated designers have taken up the work of adding embroidery, art, and designs to the Khaddar handlooms today.It is surprising and satisfying to see the handloom fabrics from Manipur to Maharashtra, and Kashmir to Kanyakumari which combine modern and traditional designs to bring out beautiful art pieces in the innovative online shops like UD&F.

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Possession of superior quality handloom can make you more beautiful from both inside and outside because you are not only helping yourself get a new attire but also helping a weaver’s family improve their quality of life.You can be a part of this beautiful social, cultural, and personal revolution by supporting the industry by picking up hand crafted pieces of handloom fabric from online portals like UD&F.

A major part of the price you pay flies across the states to reach the bank account of a handloom weaver who put his sweat, tear, and effort to weave the fabric.Be a part of this amazing journey of transformation by supporting us.

Remember,self love is as important as spreading love.So gift yourself and your loved ones a wonderful piece of handloom clothing of high quality and at the same time helping someone out there spread love to their family and loved ones.

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